Transformative Research Priorities for the Epilepsies

Accelerating precision diagnosis to precision treatment

Why would this research priority transform epilepsy research, our understanding of the epilepsies, and/or treatment of the epilepsies? :

This priority will transform epilepsy research by integrating modern science into modern care for patients with epilepsy.

For example, a patient with as yet unexplained non-acquired epilepsy should be considered to have genetic epilepsy until proven otherwise and appropriately evaluated. If the first line of evaluation is unrevealing he or she should have an iterative re-analysis of cause in tandem with empiric therapy. One a cause is identified, he or she should be offered enrollment in an appropriate cohort study that will allow for natural history data to be collected for the sake of scientific knowledge as well as to serve as baseline data regarding important outcomes for subsequent trials of treatment. Precision treatments should be offered from across a network of clinical trials.



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