Transformative Research Priorities for the Epilepsies

Active, Involved Life Can Ward Off Depression in Adult Epileptic

Why would this research priority transform epilepsy research, our understanding of the epilepsies, and/or treatment of the epilepsies? :

These patients' reluctance to go out and live life to their lives to its fullest is what motivated me to develop my nonprofit, SEEZ ( -- Support & Empower Everyone Zealously. SEEZ offers the resources, information, camaraderie, and support to people with epilepsy and other disabilities, along with their loved ones, through social media, local events, and more that will help them feel more confident embracing life and marching toward their goals. Health professionals are great while you're in their office and with medical needs. SEEZ addresses patients' needs once they leave their doctor's offices and venture into the real world. It provides resources for a host of essential goods and services -- from transportation options to top online educational facilities, from medical identification to service animal requirements, and from food delivery to groups support.



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