2020 Epilepsy Research Benchmarks

Benchmark Area IV

Benchmark 4 – Limit or prevent adverse consequences of seizures and their treatment across the lifespan.

• Research the relationship between sleep and seizures

• Explore prevalence of different multi-dien seizure cycles. Explore how seizure cycles impact expression of comorbidities.

• Assess the true incidence of epilepsy mortality including SUDEP. – Develop better surveillance tools and methods so that risk factors can be identified as detailed in the Epilepsy Foundation's 2020 SUDEP Coalition Summit (see attached)

• Identify the etiologies of SUDEP

• Research impact on health outcomes of treating complex epilepsies with coordinated care approaches

• Advance Pre-clinical and clinical research into impact of non-adherence, and efficacy of adherence interventions.

• Develop devices to accurately detect and record different seizure types including those currently considered "uncountable"

• Develop options for seizure recording that represent an improvement in accuracy and precision over currently available systems




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