2020 Epilepsy Research Benchmarks

Better Seizure Prediction and Prevention

Patients need biomarkers and/or technological devices to better predict and accurately detect seizure activity. Studies in animal models and in patients to search for predictive biomarkers of seizures and/or biomarkers that may predict risk of SUDEP are urgently needed. Devices that are more convenient and more accurate for patients of all ages to utilize for seizure detection and SUDEP prevention need to be developed and extensively tested. Even an incredibly accurate device, that is not created with convenience to the patient in mind will likely be less effective due to lack of consistent compliance. These types of projects will require broad inter-professional collaborations between experts in neuroscience, biotechnology, engineering, data science, and clinical practice likely across multiple research sectors to truly develop the best devices on all levels.

Which Benchmark Area (I-IV) does your submission address? Area III

Which Research Benchmark component does your submission address (A, B, C, D, E, F)? B

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This type of work would also apply to area 3B and 2C.




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