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Evaluating Meninges during Migraine Attack: Biobot Live Feed

Caption :

This image was created with confocal microscopy, FIJI processing, Blender rendering, and Photoshop (to produce Biobot nanoship). Rat meningeal tissue was labeled with antibodies against proteins involved in chronic migraine headaches. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP, red), and CGRP receptor proteins, receptor activity modifying protein 1 (RAMP1, blue) and calcitonin-like receptor (CLR, green). Geometry of meningeal nerves was unaltered during processing and reconstructed in 3D with the lowest resampling rate (highest voxel resolution). The original confocal image stack was collected and processed for generating three-dimensional (3D) geometry of labeled meningeal nerves in FIJI and imported into Blender, a 3D rendering software, for dynamic visualization and lighting. A series of two-dimensional confocal image slices for this field of view were consolidated into one image with Z-stack compression (in FIJI) and placed to the left of the Biobot console (in Photoshop). An informational display was created in Photoshop for biomarker description and placed to the right of the Biobot console. The Biobot ship itself was hand-drawn in Photoshop and inspired by early 1990's space simulators.


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