Brain Connectivity Workshop Series

A Periodic Table for the Human Forebrain Aiding Connectomics

My name is John LaMuth and I would like to draw your attention to my own recently devised periodic table for the neurosciences that offers a crucial holistic overview of a top-down nature effectively complementing the bottom-up approach. This dual parameter grid represents a Cartesian coordinate system utilizing the basic neuro-anatomical parameters of input specificity and phylogenetic age, as described further at my... more »

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BRAIN Initiative Challenge: Considering Ethics During Brain Technology Development

What the novel 1984 teaches us about Neuroethics Second place video

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Display Name Brenda R. and Alinne R.

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Evaluating Meninges during Migraine Attack: Biobot Live Feed

This image was created with confocal microscopy, FIJI processing, Blender rendering, and Photoshop (to produce Biobot nanoship). Rat meningeal tissue was labeled with antibodies against proteins involved in chronic migraine headaches. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP, red), and CGRP receptor proteins, receptor activity modifying protein 1 (RAMP1, blue) and calcitonin-like receptor (CLR, green). Geometry of meningeal... more »

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Neuron on Fire

Hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neuron in the mouse, recorded from the distal dendrite using patch clamp electrophysiology. The recorded location is visible as the gap in the dendrite. The neuron was filled with biocytin during recording and immunostained with streptavidin-647 post hoc. Confocal image was filtered using ImageJ.

Full name Olesia Bilash

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Institution or organization New York University

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Ajrak Print on the Corticospinal Tract (CST) Left

This is Sindhi Ajrak print digitally painted on the Corticospinal Tract (CST) Left. Ajrak print is 3000 years old unique form of block-printing found in Sindh, Pakistan. Ajrak print is mostly hand-painted on shawls made using block printing by stamps. Ajrak has become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. Using my programming skills, I painted Ajrak on my favorite white matter tract, CST.

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Axonal processes in the larval zebrafish brain

3D reconstruction acquired using confocal microscopy. Dorsal habenular neurons express mCherry (magenta). Neurons producing Relaxin-3 neuropeptide express GFP (green).

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Microvessels Fairylights

Isolated cerebral microvessels from transgenic sickle mouse. Immunofluorescence staining with red (CD31, endothelial cell marker) and green (Aquaporin-4, astrocyte marker), counterstained with sparkling blue (DAPI, nuclei detector).

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Model of mouse V1 with a Neuropixels probe

This rendering of a model of mouse primary visual cortex with a Neuropixels probe was created using a new tool, VND (Visual Neuronal Dynamics).

Full name Barry Isralewitz, John Stone, Mariano Spivak, Kael Dai, Josh Siegle, Emad Tajkhorshid, and Anton Arkhipov

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Institution or organization University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Allen Institute